The huge billowing sails of the earliest European sailing ships were a sight that put fear into the hearts of many First Nations and Inuit people.

And well they might, for those sails were a harbinger of events that would transform their world and deprive them of their centuries-old way of life.

In the early days of European exploration of the "New World", some of the land's indigenous people were abducted and carried off to England, France or Portugal. But other brave individuals went willingly, curious about the world of the "white man" and on relatively good terms with the explorers who had established with them a relationship of trust and respect.

A voyage that restores that respectful relationship and takes us all to a place of reconciliation, mutual trust and cooperation is long overdue.

All Canadians should acknowledge the painful parts of their nation's history, and do what can to put us on a course that leads to a true reconciliation with our indigenous partners. But to do that, they should have confidence in what they have been told about that history.

This site has been created with the sole purpose of revealing, correcting and clarifying certain parts of the relationship history, identifying errors and distortions, and affirming what credible evidence reveals as "the truth" about current indigenous issues - a truth in which ALL Canadians can place their faith.