Developing a killer website the Setsail way

Jason AtakhanovJuly 24, 2019


So, you’re looking for a website… 

First and foremost, you’ll want it to be visually stunning; crisp, clean, modern and inviting. Oh, and you’ll want it mobile responsive; because in this day and age, more than half your potential clients will visit your website from a phone or tablet. 

Our team is often asked – “where do I start?” and “what items need to be considered?” After all, it’s no small feat to create a visually powerful, informative, and flawlessly interactive website. You want your website to provide a memorable message; one that deeply resonates with the right customers, and one that keeps them coming back for many years to come.  

With all that in mind, here are five other key elements to consider when building this new website:

1 – Clarify your objective 

This one may seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked and muddled during the creative process. Is your website an informative piece? Or is it a sales platform? Do you want to self-promote and blog? Or is this strictly for business? Write your website’s purpose down, and keep it handy! Because without a clear objective or purpose, your website won’t look or feel cohesive and it will be difficult to get the ball rolling on design and development.


2 – Keep it on Brand

Every website needs an identity. You want to be recognizable no matter the medium. And even a simple landing page or blog will need ownership if it hopes to gain any sort of traction! The Setsail team prides itself on rebrands; we love starting from scratch and uncovering all the little details and unique selling points of your business. We formulate our designs from YOUR personality and make sure they align with your business goals.

3 – Content, Content, Content!

Many people believe website design starts and ends with branding. The reality is a website is only as good as its copy. At the end of the day, font choice, images, logos, and colour schemes will look fairly inadequate if the copy isn’t written well and your story isn’t engaging.

The fact is… Content is one of the biggest design elements! It also tends to be the most overlooked. At Setsail, we take the time to produce quality content that is rich with information and storytelling. Proper grammar and spelling are just as vital to the success of your business as a recognizable brand. Keeping your content up to date not only keeps your audience in-the-know, but also grows your site into a more interesting, reliable, and valuable source.

4 – Make it usable 

You want your website to be user-friendly. This means simple to navigate, with fewer taps and clicks to get from point A to point B. It needs to be seamless, and well planned out with a sensible flow. The content needs to be managed effectively without clutter or distractions. And it needs to be interesting, informative and touches on everything the user could possibly want or need. This is where mobile responsiveness comes into play, and a simple but engaging layout makes all the difference.

5- Make it speedy 

Nothing frustrates potential customers more than a poorly optimized website. Page load speed can be the difference between a potential customer and a realized sale. If the page doesn’t load within one to three seconds users more often than not lose interest, and are likely to never return. Optimization best practices include minifying code, reducing image file size and their scale, and caching your content.

For us, building a website is just about the most exciting part of the job. It’s the perfect opportunity to flex our skills, engage your audience, and build your brand. After all, there’s nothing like a fresh canvas. We love to get the creative juices flowing, and we want to help you realize your dreams!

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