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Why Setsail loves the high-tech market

Jason AtakhanovMarch 21, 2019

The four main factors driving our interest in
high-tech clientele

Every day at Setsail we learn from our clients. The tech industry continues to school us the most. We treasure partnerships with great innovative products from SaaS to big data.

Listed below are several reasons why we cherish these particular relationships, and the many different ways they benefit us.  


High-tech, high-demand

01 Utilize high-tech tools to drive better results

High-tech clients have their own development processes and tools. With that said, Setsail marketing aligns perfectly with this high-tech clientele. And we aim to follow these same techniques in order to drive our creative process and optimize our deliverable efficiency.

We may be a marketing agency, yet our understanding of consumer trends is just as important as a mobile app developer. A/B testing, UI / UX, and an agile development style lend themselves well to a more effective, consumer focused, digital marketing product and leads.  

Our platforms also facilitate a simple review and approval process; this leaves room for constant feedback and transparency when improving or realigning our work.


We market for product launches
We market for product launches

02 Our clients understand that numbers matter

At the end of the day, easily understood KPIs help us form a better strategic partnership. The two parties can gauge performance with clarity, and revise strategies throughout the process.

Numbers and statistics make it easy for the team to track results, optimize channels and utilize similar measurement tools to trace success.  By identifying the specific goals of the client, – like for instance, an increase in social platform reach – we can work towards a quantitative goal without sacrificing the quality of content and creativity.

Along with streamlined client communication, Setsail understands the reiterative process that comes with product changes. In saying this, our team is highly flexible; performing like an in-house marketing department.

03 Remain at the forefront of new product launches

This is the part where it gets really exciting. As a Setsail marketer, we pair with all sorts of interesting, trendy, cutting-edge modern technologies that serve valuable purposes and provide advanced functionality.

It’s often a very steep learning curve for our team; however, high-tech clients tend to be very information heavy; which means there’s never a shortage of support and understanding when it comes to technical jargon and confusing terms.

Making an effective statement takes time and effort
Plan and Develop. Over and Over
Focus in the world of tech
Highly-technical concepts take time to master

04 Entrepreneurial spirits

Setsail marketers love to grow brands. High-tech clients are often just starting their business; they’re young, fun, understanding and they value the same company cultures (clarity, care, and creativity) that we do.  

Our high-tech clients appreciate our propositions and input. They provide helpful, useful suggestions, quality feedback, and crystal clear communication. This attention to detail and up-and-coming spirit is what sets them apart from other industries. And excites us to work with them.


So go ahead, let Setsail Marketing take care of your marketing needs; from marketing campaigns to social media management, website development to video production, whatever it is – we’ll get it done.