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Biktrix is an electric bicycle company based in Saskatchewan

Branding & Website

We re-designed their brand identity to better impact their key target market - baby boomers based in North America.

Branding guidelines

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We streamlined and simplified the website UX and introduced a lifestyle element which has resulted in a clear, simple and impactful website. To be effective, we started with a strong identity, presented throughout:

Brand personas Elevation Audience Data System icons Market Positioning matrix Colour palette Brand tonality Typographic Scale Stationery UI guidelines
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The website experience has changed dramatically, going from a templated e-comm site to a Biktrix lifestyle experience. The customers aren’t just buying a bike, their buying into a world and joining a growing community.


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This shift has created a loyal customer following which offers so many exciting growth opportunities, sponsored meetups and events are just the start.

Biktrix website Biktrix website
Biktrix website Biktrix website
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