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Elixir is a Fintech company with a completely different approach, philosophy and methodology to other investment companies

Branding, Brand Film & Website

We worked closely with Elixir team to develop a brand identity that truly reflected their values and vision; something which truly differentiates them in a mundane financial world. That identity formed the base for their website, deck and a variety of external assets.

Branding guidelines

Elixir branding image Elixir branding image Elixir branding image

The branding was Inspired by the works of great expressionists such as Henri Matisse and Raoul Dufy. We were moved by the fast world of trade and wanted to represent the complex dynamics through vibrant collages of commodities and currencies. To allow simplicity, we’ve developed a robust design system that helps us keep the feeling of our content consistent, whether it is online or on print.

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To make it clear that Elixir stands for true value instead of speculative hype, we avoided the conceited look of traditional financial companies. On the contrary, we strived to make it easy to understand and vibrant to interact with. Through every piece of collateral material, web experience, and print assets - we made it our mission to exude care and clarity. All of this resulted in a brand that is original, sophisticated and authentic to the core company values.

Elixir stationery Elixir stationery

Brand film

On top of this we directed and produced a brand film that encapsulates everything they stand for, a visual manifesto to engage they demographic in a more impactful way.

In a market full of dull, corporate and lifeless financial brands it was a pleasure to work with Elixir and create something completely new and fresh.

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