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A challenge for the business is ensuring fair play and preventing cheating in tournaments. The platform must implement robust anti-cheat measures and constantly monitor user activity to detect any suspicious behavior. We must also consider the legal and regulatory landscape around online gambling, as offering cash prizes may fall under gambling laws in some jurisdictions. They must ensure that their platform complies with all relevant regulations and obtain any necessary licenses or permits. Finally, the platform must have a solid infrastructure to handle large volumes of traffic and ensure smooth gameplay.

Campaign communications centre

All communications through 1 pipeline

Our team managed all of their social media channels, press releases, physical events, and news spots, and even provided crisis management. We came up with a killer digital and traditional media strategy, creating tons of great content for their social media pages, and drafting and distributing press releases to make sure they were getting the attention they deserved. We even organized some awesome events to help get the word out! And when unexpected challenges came up, we were there to help navigate them. It was all worth it in the end though - they won the election!

Photography, video Production, and connecting with the community

Creating and capturing meaningful moments

We took care of photography and video production - our team was there to capture all the important moments and help get the message out there. But that's not all - we also made sure to connect with the community in meaningful ways. Whether it was attending local events, hosting meet-and-greets, or just chatting with people on the street, we did everything we could to build relationships with voters. It was all worth it in the end - we helped contribute to the success of the campaign!

Compliant, Fast, yet Simple Website

We had the pleasure of creating a website for Surrey Connect political party that was not only easy to use but also looked great. We made sure that it was fast and responsive so that residents could quickly find the information they needed, and we designed it to be user-friendly so that even those who weren't tech-savvy could navigate it with ease. And of course, we made sure that the website looked great - we wanted it to be a true reflection of the values and mission of Surrey Connect.

CMS Website for Surrey Connect

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