Setsail® is an award-winning design agency building Products, Campaigns, and eCommerce Experiences



We understand the pressures that businesses and organizations face constantly competing for the attention of a digitally-connected and socially-conscious consumer. We understand the challenges and that's why we've come armed with the solutions to turn your passions and objectives into a reality.

From premium branding and marketing services such as copywriting, SEO auditing, photography and videography, and social media and content management, we have everything you need right here - eliminating the need to hire multiple service providers to create compelling and original content that drives additional traffic and revenue opportunities for our clients.



We turn your great ideas into memorable digital experiences your stakeholders won't soon forget.

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Senior team members

Designers, Developers, Producers obsessed with finding opportunities to connect brands with customers, creating immersive and memorable digital experiences and driving revenue growth.

Meet the team
Meet the team
Being a force for good while doing exceptionally good work.
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UX/UI Design

It all starts with understanding your user. Once a clear goal is defined, the Setsail team designs the smoothest experience with simple & elegant UI to match it.

Full Stack Development

From simple static sites to complete SAAS systems, Setsail builds it all with the end users in mind. Products are typically created using React JS and are hosted on AWS servers.

Marketing Strategy

Get Setsail to help you create a comprehensive plan of action to promote your product or service, reach a specific target audience, or achieve business objectives through various tactics and channels.


Setsail can develop and execute effective communication strategies to reach and engage your target audience across various channels and platforms.

Branding & Graphic Design

From building a new brand identity, to creating visually appealing designs, and ensuring consistency across all marketing materials - Setsail has your back.

Photo, Video, Animation

Setsail produces a wide range of high quality media. Whether you need fully digital explainer motion graphics, product imagery or live action shot on RED®.

Dev Tech Stack

Industries Impacted

Manufacturing, CleanTech, Ecommerce, Micromobility, SaaS, Real Estate, FinTech, Wealth Management, Software Development, Web3, Coaching, Healthcare, Subscription commerce, eSports, Supply Chain Software, Politics, Legal, PR Agency, Product Import, Distribution, Insurance, Food Industry, Nutrition. Government Services
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